‘bats make it clear: Senator Mitch McConnell’s Senate seat will be targeted

I read a few days ago at The Politico that Democrats had set their sights on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell as he faces re-election next year, and thought to myself that it figures they would, because he’s been a hell of an effective leader against a lot of the moonbattiness that goes on in the Senate, and knows how to run rings around Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Just how will the ‘bats attack Senator McConnell? John Hawkins found today that one gay-baiting blog is already on the march to try and ‘out’ the Senator as a gay man who hasn’t yet come out of the closet. Here is what the blog – which John links to – has written about Senator McConnell:

“With Kentuckians growing more and more restless with their senator’s role in perpetuating the Bush Regime’s pointless “Stay The Course” agenda in Iraq, Mitch McConnell is facing a tough re-election battle next year. This has been exacerbated as it becomes more and more known that he has been a closeted gay man for decades while pushing an anti-gay agenda. He must be breathing a sign of relief today as the progressive group Americans United for Change has made its plans known that they will be tackling McConnell only on his role in advancing the Bush Regime’s war policies.


The spot, which makes no allusions to McConnell’s sexual status or the fact that he was kicked out of the military for molesting young soldiers, primarily show him making false statements on the Senate floor about progress in Iraq.”

Sound familiar? It should, because certain Nutroot lefties tried the same thing against Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) last October. Craig wasn’t up for re-election last year, but that didn’t matter to certain Democrats who get off on throwing out serious personal accusations which they oftentimes cannot back up. They’ll do anything to hurt their political “enemies” – honesty and integrity to these socially repugnant creeps is an alien concept.


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