Looks like I hit a little too close to home (MORE: LIKE, REALLY TOO CLOSE TO HOME)

It appears that my post yesterday about on the story about the possibility that female sperm could one day be created from women’s bone marrow, which would allow them to produce female offspring, ruffled the feathers of the Grand Dragon of Feministahood herself, Amanda Marcotte – she of Bloggergate infamy, who apparently has taken issue (ahem) with my description of lefty feminists as man-haters.


While you’re in the mood to be educated, hon, here are a couple more posts that I hope will help you understand a little better why liberal feminists are generally considered man-haters, or more to the point, haters of the men they can’t control, you know like those “misogynists” who oppose abortion because they want to “control” women’s bodies?:

For my readers, posts like this one from la Marcotte should give you a good idea how well the man-hating label fits her like a glove. It’s a description that clearly bothers her, but then again that’s what the truth usually does to the far left.

Or, for the short version, here was Allah’s description of the former John Edwards for President blogger, back during Bloggergate:

Marcotte’s been a punchline on Goldstein’s site for years; to see her suddenly materialize as lead blogger for a major presidential candidate is like the cat lady from the Simpsons being hired as White House press secretary. To call her a caricature of a doctrinaire feminist doesn’t even scratch the surface. Imagine a vicious parody of a vicious parody of a doctrinaire feminist and you’re at the appropriate remove of cartoonishness.

Sat AM Update: Funny! She doesn’t hate men, of course, but this was the comment she tried to post in response to me last night (warning: vulgar language):

Since you have a full on case of both slow wits and projection, it’s no wonder you felt compelled to leave the reality-based side of the aisle and join the Wingnutteria. No, you didn’t hit “close to home”. You were funny; we made fun.

But we’re sisters, so a word of advice that I offer all women who kiss sexist ass in hopes they’ll be spared: The men kissing your ass now call you a cunt behind your back. They think you’re a simp who kisses their asses, and you are.

At least they tell it to my face.

Bbbbbut she’s not a man-hater ;) I rest my case.

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