Election 2008 campaign watch

In today’s news:

—– Senator John Kerry has “reopened” the door to another possible presidential run. Colorado’s 9News has the details. So I take it he was against running again before he was for it? Or something like that … Michael P.F. van der Galien notes reax on Kerry’s comments from the left and right sides of the blogosphere. Reaction is, for the most part, negative.

—– The NYT reports that some big-time campaign donors to the Clintons in the past are now shifting to the Obama campaign. Not that that seems to be hurting Senator Clintion too much at the moment.

—– In related Clinton news, the Senator had to postpone a scheduled Monday visit to Rutgers University due to bad weather. Gee, I wonder what she’ll be talking about once she does finally get to make that speech? Update: Figures.

—– Obama declared in Tampa this past weekend: “The sun is shining on me, that’s what’s going on.” Is it?

—– The Washington Times reports what we already know, that Christian Republicans are unhappy with the frontrunners in the Republican race for the presidential nomination so far. That could change quickly if former Senator Fred Thompson decides to run. Columnist Robert Novak says yes, Thompson is running.

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