John Edwards: Putting the “man” in manicure?

He feels prettyYesterday, I blogged about Ben Smith’s scoop on presidential wannabe Democrat John Edwards’ tab for a haircut: $400 on at least two different occasions, courtesy of a Hollywood stylist. In one month. Also mentioned in Smith’s scoop were visits Edwards had made to two other salons, but no dollar amount for services was given.

Today, the AP reported on the costs of those other salon visits and it looks like Mr. He Feels Pretty didn’t skimp on those salon visits either:

The Democrat’s campaign committee picked up the tab for two haircuts at $400 each by celebrity stylist Joseph Torrenueva of Beverly Hills, California, according to a financial report filed with the Federal Election Commission.

FEC records show Edwards also availed himself of $250 in services from a trendy salon and spa in Dubuque, Iowa, and $225 in services from the Pink Sapphire in Manchester, New Hampshire, which is described on its Web site as “a unique boutique for the mind, body and face” that caters mostly to women.

The only thing I can think of is that maybe the former Senator from NC (ugh) had some other salon services performed, like perhaps a manicure, or facial, or purchased some haircare products …

Torrenueva — who specializes in men’s haircuts — confirmed in an interview with The Associated Press that Edwards is a longtime client and friend.

“I do cut his hair and I have cut it for quite a while,” Torrenueva said. “We’ve been friends a long time.”

Referring to a picture of Edwards published Tuesday in The Los Angeles Times, Torrenueva said: “That’s my cut.” The stylist said he couldn’t vouch for the source of Edwards’ haircuts in other photos.

One reason the cost of the cut was so steep even by Beverly Hills standards is that Torrenueva went to Edwards rather than the candidate coming into the stylist’s salon a block off Rodeo Drive.

“I go to him wherever convenient,” Torrenueva said. He declined to identify where the cuts paid for by the campaign took place.

I’ve finally figured out what John Edwards means when he talks about “Two Americas.” One America is the America where he flies in a celebrity hair stylist for $400 to cut his hair, while charging the expense to his campaign. The other one is where Joe SixPack goes to Gene’s Barber Shop and forks over $10 for a regular haircut from money he’s earned the good old fashioned way.

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