Republican debate transcript

MSNBC has the transcript to last night’s debate posted. It looks a lot smoother than it actually was.

Lots of blogger/pundit reax linked up to at Memeorandum.

There are a lot out there saying Romney won, because he looked the most presidential and sounded the most prepared, while others are saying that Fred Thompson won simply by not being a part of last night’s hour and a half 10 guest edition of Hardball.

I was somewhat amused to see this article claiming that the candidates last night “walked a tightrope” on the issue of Iraq. Did that guy watch the same debate I did? They did no such thing, and a simple look at the transcript or my liveblogging shows that. I think sometimes certain folks in the mediacracy come up with their story ideas PRIOR to an event happening and then after the event try to frame what happened around that idea.

Ryan Sager, whose writing I normally enjoy, started off his debate write-up claiming that the Rep. debate was more substantive than the Democratic debate. I strongly disagree but take a look at some of the more stupid questions (documented at Newsbusters) and judge for yourself.

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