Where’s the outrage? Opie and Anthony, and “guest” on their show, laugh about raping Condi

Don Imus gets fired for calling the Rutgers women’s basketball team “nappy headed hos” but XM radio shock jocks Opie and Anthony continue filling the airwaves with even worse garbage and getting away with it.

Click here to listen.

(Warning: Very vulgar language used.)

Would Opie and Anthony and “Homeless Charlie” think it was hilarious if some guy overpowered and raped them? Would they be laughing if someone were talking about doing that to their mothers or sisters or wives? Could these jack asses possibly stoop any lower?

Here’s a good roundup of some of Opie and Anthony’s other stupid stunts.

Just to clarify, my point isn’t that “they should be fired because Imus” was but instead why the selective outrage. What do you think is worse? Imus’ comments? Or the comments made by “Homeless Charlie”, and laughed at by Opie and Anthony?

Update: Oh, and the First Lady was ‘jokingly’ referenced as a potential by “Homeless Charlie”, too.

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