“Two Americas” won’t be on display during Democratic National Convention

Brian at Iowa Voice has a post up this morning that talks about the city of Denver’s decision to ‘clean up their city’ during the 2008 Democratic National Convention. What do they plan to do? Read on:

Denver plans to clear downtown streets of the homeless during the Democratic National Convention here in 2008.

The city will open an emergency shelter normally used during winter deep freezes, and keep other shelters in the city open 24 hours during the August gathering. In addition, an army of outreach workers will fan out across downtown to persuade the homeless to come inside during the convention.

“Shelters will be open the entire time to make certain everyone can go inside and that the outreach folks have a place to take any person from the streets,” said Roxane White, Denver’s manager of human services.

White said the effort is motivated by security concerns and is not just an effort to spruce up Denver’s image at a time when the city will be under a media spotlight.

Brian nails it:

I’m telling you, the stench of hypocrisy on the Dems is so thick, you can just about cut it with a spork. They talk about the poor, but come convention time, they don’t wanna see any of them lingering around. Not that that will stop them from getting up on the platform and talking about them with the standard “I feel your pain” speeches, ala Bill Clinton.

And a la John Edwards, too, although I can just imagine the disappointment on Mr. “Two Americas” face when he heard about this. I mean, can’t you just see him, after getting yet another $400 hair cut, making a speech at the convention (whether he’s the nominee or one in a long line of speakers) strolling out into downtown Denver in order to demonstrate live and in color the “Two Americas” he often refers to, with fake tears rolling down his cheeks?

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of John Edwards and idiotic ideas, guess what he has proposed to do on Memorial Day? He’s urging anti-war protestors to ‘show their patriotism’ by vocalizing their opposition to the war in Iraq.

Read more via Bob Owens.

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