Caught: Far left Democrat creates fake Fred Thompson website

Originally, it welcomed you to the KKK. Captain Ed has multiple updates that note how many times the site owner has changed the redirection of the site since he’s been caught, but here’s how it all started:

It doesn’t take long for provocateurs to crawl out of the woodwork to attack candidates, especially in stealth attacks. With Fred Thompson, they’ve apparently started before he officially enters the race — and in one case, race is the operative word. Apparently hoping to confuse web surfers looking for Fred’s website at, a new site has appeared at — only this site welcomes people to the Ku Klux Klan, “Bringing a Message of Hope and Deliverance to White Christian America!” It includes links to a variety of disgusting racist sites.

The Captain did some more digging, and found out the name of the deranged moonbat who started the site (Henry Reynolds, who as his own website), as well as who he has contributed to:

4/6/2005 – $500,

9/22/2004 – $500, DNC Services

4/5/2004 – $250, John Kerry

Make sure to check out the multiple updates. He apparently at one time had the site lead visitors to the John Edwards’ website, then at one time had a Not Safe For Work pic posted. Another redirect took people to Wiki page for Marxist literary critic Frederic Jameson.

Brian at Iowa Voice notes that moonbats in Iowa have done the same thing to him.

I’d like to think that would disavow themselves of any knowledge of what this clown tried to do today, but upon further reflection, it wouldn’t surprise me if they condoned it. Why? Because the far left has a tendency to stand behind its biggest buffoons, even in the face of obvious and unquestionable lunacy.

Absolutely, positively, without a doubt: UNHINGED.

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