Moonbat of the week: “Cindy”

If it talks like a nut, acts like a nut, it probably is a nut:

Hey- Loony liberal here. Just wanted to remind you – no one called his kids chickenhawks. We called Bush, Cheney, Rove, and Limbaugh chickenhawks. And rightly so. His kids are just self-satisfied silver spoon conservatives who make liberals sick to their stomachs.

Mitt Romney is a political whore who can talk his way into any job. Good for him. Frankly I don’t want another empty suit blowing smoke up this country’s butt for 4 more years. I’d even take Rudy! or old straight talking whack job McCain. You people gave us Bush. You should have learned your lesson. Keep your mouths shut this election cycle will ya please.

One other fact for you. Liberals don’t have an “irrational hatred” for shrub. We have a very strong antipathy (look it up redneck) for hypocrits, slackers, and people who are blindly violent, egomaniacal, provincial, and just plain stupid. That would characterize the conservative movement right now. And FYI, you make me sick.

Have a nice day.

You’ve made it even better, Cindy. Thanks =d>

ST reader NC Cop wonders in the comments: “Cindy Sheehan is that you????”


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