It doesn’t just happen on Halloween

The Washington Post and Newsweek both have up articles this week which discuss how risque Halloween costumes for young girls have gotten over the last several years due to their popularity which, to me, has become the scariest part of Halloween.

But as Michelle Malkin noted in a post yesterday, the sexualization of young girls doesn’t just happen on Halloween. It goes on year-round.

And you don’t just see the sexualization of young girls on TV and in magazines anymore. As I’ve written here before, the sexualization of young girls – and boys, for that matter – can start from a very young age … at the child’s elementary and/or junior high school, courtesy of sex ed classes that on the surface (we’re told, anyway) are designed to teach kids about “safe sex” but in actuality encourage them to engage in sexual activity whether it be the actual act itself or some form of it which, for all intents and purposes, is essentially the same thing. Or they’ll encourage kids to “explore” whether or not they are “really” heterosexual. And this attempt at sexualizing kids under the guise of “educating” them doesn’t just happen in the schools. We see it from groups like Planned Parenthood, where they’re known for using cartoons to make condom use more appealing to young kids.

With mess like this ingrained into our culture, it’s got to be harder than ever for parents to instill in their children the values they need to grow up and be self-confident, independent, mature, productive, responsible, respectable members of society.

No matter how much more uphill the battle gets, whether one is a parent or not, we must never give up the culture war battle – the protection of the innocence of our children depends on our remaining both vigilant and outspoken.

BTW, Captain Ed will be interviewing one of my favorite culture warriors, Carol Platt Liebau, about this very issue – and her new book Prude: How the Sex-Obsessed Culture Damages Girls (and America, Too!) – on Heading Right Radio tomorrow at 3pm ET. Make sure to tune in.

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