These people are freaking crazy

Here’s video of the idiotic, child-using, Olympia protestors:

H/t: Jay Tea at Wizbang, who writes:

If you can stomach it, skip ahead to 4:17 — there’s one lunatic woman who’s sitting in the middle of the road, in the path of a tractor trailer hauling a Stryker, while nursing a baby. For starters, why don’t the police haul her ass off for child endangerment?

Malkin’s got exclusive photos of the same woman standing on the corner, where she has evidently dropped the baby onto the street.

The witch in the video and pictures is not a mother. She’s a damn monster. SHAME ON YOU, LADY, and the other crazy lunatics out there who have lost their bleeping minds.

Where the hell is law enforcement in Olympia?!

Related: Zombietime has pictures of anti-war protestors in San Francisco from an October 27th demonstration. If you scroll down, you’ll see that one of the signs reads: “If we support our troops, aren’t we supporting the terrorist? (emphasis, theirs)”

You see disgusting pictures like that and then you wonder what universe Mayor Gavin Newsom is living in, considering that last month he laughingly tried to describe the anti-military contingent in SF as a tiny minority of the population.


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