Tonight’s Dem debate

Tonight’s debate in Nevada starts at 8pm ET and will be broadcast on CNN.

I’m not watching the debate, but ST reader stevegg is going to be liveblogging it with a pretty neat gadget at his site that makes it so you won’t have to refresh your browsers to read updates. It’s kinda neat because it makes little typing sounds ;)

Everyone’s on a Blitzer-watch to see how he’ll treat La Clinton. His Royal Phoniness hasn’t wasted anytime getting in a few digs before the debate, as his campaign has started a page on his website called “Plants For Hillary.” It’s actually pretty funny. Too bad for him that his candidacy is pretty much a joke, too.

Tomorrow, Edwards will be pandering to Hollywood leftists as he will join the striking writers for a a march in Burbank. It’s probably just a cover for him to slip undetected into one of those fancy Hollywood salons for a manicure and haircut.

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