Jerk of the year candidate: Ron Paul

This post will likely guarantee I’ll have a wave of Ron Paul Truthers descend on my site, but whatever. Paul is infamous for saying, among other stupid things, that it’s America’s fault 9-11 happened. He said that during the second Republican debate earlier this year, and in response Rudy Giuliani gave him a good verbal smacking around.

This time around, he’s taking advantage of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto to once again blame America. Watch the video here (via LGF).

Bryan Preston at Hot Air has video of a more extensive interview Fox News did with Paul, in which he plays the “blame America” card there, too.

Once again Ron Paul reminds me of one of the main reasons I never became a Libertarian at the time I was going through my “dark side” conversion to conservatism. Yeah, I know there are some sane, practical Libertarians out there (like my friends at QandO) who understand the threats we face and realize that America cannot be isolationists in a post-9/11 world, but there are a certain segment of diehard Libertarians who believe if we just ignore the problems going on in the rest of the world that we’ll never have to worry about threats to our homeland. This is naive and idiotic in the extreme.

Oddly enough, Townhall columnist Matt Towery wrote yesterday that he believes that if Ronald Reagan were alive today, he’d throw his support behind Ron Paul. Yeah right. And I’m Hillary Clinton.

Paul’s successful efforts at raising money, especially online, has generated a lot of buzz, and caused some conservatives to worry that Paul running as an Independent candidate (because it is highly unlikely he will become the Republican nominee) would steal much needed votes away from whoever the eventual Republican nominee is, a la what Ralph Nadar has done to Democrats in the past.

I think the candidate who would need to worry would be the Democrat nominee, considering that Paul’s most noteable positions these days are ones in which America takes a hands-off approach to her foreign policy needs, preferring instead to isolate herself off from the rest of the world. Over 6 years after 9-11, though many Americans appear to have “moved on” from the horrible terrorist attacks we suffered that day, I don’t think enough of them on the Republican end believe Paul’s assessment of how we should handle foreign policy matters. On the other hand, there is a signifcant movement of Truther Democrats out there who blame America for everything under the sun, who believe we should stick to ourselves, who are jonesing for the opportunity to vote for someone who closely embodies those “ideals.”

Rob Port is on the same page:

[…] but I think a lot of Paul’s support is coming from people who have never, and would never, vote Republican.

Namely, the “blame America first” crowd that is so enamored with Paul’s foreign policy that they don’t even care about his other policies. Like being pro-life and rather radically in favor of limited government.

I actually think that if Paul an independent campaign he’d likely do more to hurt the Dem candidate than the Republican. Depending, of course, on who those candidates are.

I don’t even think it matters who the candidates are. Ron Paul is a nutcase, and these days, the nutcases tend to trend more leftward than rightward.

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