Latte liberal Pelosi pushes “gourmet menus” at Congressional cafeterias

Maybe this is the “change” Pelosi promised back in ’06 ;) Via Josephine Hearn at The Politico:

The processed cheese has been replaced with brie. The Jell-O has made way for raspberry kiwi tarts and mini-lemon blueberry trifles. Meatloaf has moved over for mahi mahi and buns have been shunted aside in favor of baguettes.

A revolution is afoot at the deli counters, grills and salad bars of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Newly ascendant Democrats may have hit roadblocks on Iraq and fiscal issues, but they have revamped congressional menus, replacing fatty, pre-made foods with healthier, gourmet alternatives. The once dreary congressional cafeterias now abound with haute cuisine.

The menu transformation is part of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “Greening the Capitol” plan to make the House campus more environmentally friendly and socially progressive.

No word yet on whether or not bottled water has been outlawed.

Next thing you know, she’ll be revamping bathroom wiping policies, too.


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