Friday Night Stampede (Weekend Open Thread)

Fresh off of the “wintry mix” we had here a couple of days ago (which has completely melted), the weather folks are calling for a 90% chance of rain and snow tomorrow, and are saying we could get between one and three inches of the stuff. As per normal around here whenever they’re calling for bad weather, people made frenzied dashes to the grocery store to pick up bread, soup, milk, cereal, water and other essentials they’ll need in case they’re snowed in for a month or so.

At least that’s what it looked like, if you saw the buggies I had to navigate around at the Super Walmart tonight after making my own “frenzied dash” to pick up a few things. There were people there with five or six loaves of bread, several 12-packs of water and soda, cases of beer, and numerous bags/packs of ramen noodles. A lot of people had enough to fill up an underground bunker in the event of WWIII.

My buggy wasn’t quite filled to the brim, but I did stock up on some much-needed essentials. Like, among other things, bread (one loaf), water (two 12-packs), New England clam chowder, crackers, hot cocoa, and the all important Better Homes and Gardens’ Storage magazine. I got more than I intended, and after looking at the bill I was reminded of the little “kiddie buggies” they have at Harris Teeter, buggies that are small enough for a four year old to push, and which have very little room to put “stuff.” I envy the kiddie buggies, because if I could stoop down low enough to push one, I’d use it so I could make sure I never went over-budget on the groceries. Sigh.

I’ve discovered that there really never is a “good time” to catch a Super Walmart when it’s not busy, because there’s never a time when Super Walmart is slow (except when you’re checking out, and having to stand behind about 8 people who each have one of everything in the store in their carts). There was a near-stampede on every aisle, looks of fierce determination on people’s faces to get to the shelf they needed to, and it reminded me of the two times I went to Kohl’s for day-after-TGiving sales, only to be so disgusted with how the women in the store acted both years I went that I vowed never to go back in there until sometime in mid-December. I can wait to get that “unbelieveable deal” on the Farberware stainless steel pots and pans set some other time. You never, ever want to be in a Kohl’s the day after T-Giving. Trust me. It’ll sour the entire Christmas season for you, and it will only take one little “bump” on the shoulder from the woman with the buggy full of Christmas ornaments and bathroom decor who is trying to beat you to the front registers to make you feel that way.

Anyway, it feels good to be home. And to be settling in for the night. Thank you, God, for blessing me with my warm little home, which I signed on the dotted line for two years ago today. I was completely moved in a couple of days later.

And BTW, just because I’m heating up New England clam chowder at the moment does not mean I’ll be rooting for New England to win this weekend. I’ll just be rooting for Tom Brady to look cute, which he always does. :D

I need a break this evening from the political stuff, but will return tomorrow to live blog the NV caucuses and SC Republican primary (the Dem primary in SC is the 26th). Should be a very interesting day.

For your evening chuckles, here’s an oldie but goodie: probably the funniest scene from the 1980 movie Airplane!. Enjoy :)

Update: ST reader stackja sends along a link to Tim Blair’s latest column, in which he talks about his battle with cancer with his usual wit and flair. The surgery to remove the cancerous tumor is Monday. To send him well-wishes, you can do so via this email address:

God bless, Tim.

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