Super Duper Tuesday eve

It’s the day before the much-awaited 24 state primary/caucus day better know as “Super Duper Tuesday.” Tomorrow I’ll be liveblogging the ups and downs of the day, and plan on being awake until we know who the winner is in Cahleefornia (as Ahhnold would say).

As you can expect, there are all kinds of last minute polls being released, showing things are tightening up in some places, some surprising surges ahead in other contests, and no contest in others.

I’ve said added about all I can at this point to the debate over John McCain, and won’t post anything else about it until after SDT, but other conservative pundits and bloggers are weighing in on the discussion, and you can read all of that here. And no, the translation of what they wrote is not, “Don’t worry, be happy, shut up” as Michelle Malkin asserts here. In essence, some of the conservative writers are calling for the party to come together, not rip each other apart, as is what’s happening, while others are essentially saying ‘don’t tell me what to do’ – and some of the writers are using stronger terminology than I would. Then again, that’s probably why they get paid the big bucks, while this is a (free) labor of love for yours truly ;)

One thing I would like to point out/clarify is that I don’t want anyone to misconstrue anything I’ve written about the Mc to be an endorsement of him. I’m not endorsing any candidate at this stage. I have mainly tried to cover all the bases in the event that he is the nominee, considering the way the primary race has been going and the way the polls were looking. I’m not recommending anyone vote for him in their respective primary, unless he is the candidate they truly want to be the nominee. Same same for Romney or Huck. If one of them is your guy, vote your conscience. After all, it is your vote and only you can make that call. There’s been a lot of noise that has been made by the news mediots, the punditocracy, and bloggers from all over the political spectrum, but in the end, it’s all up to you.

I don’t think at this point it’s mathematically possible for anyone to outright win the nomination tomorrow, but it’ll make that candidate a lot closer, depending on how things shake out in certain states. Just feel good if you’re in a SDT primary state. Us poor folks in NC won’t get a primary vote until May. :-<

Related: Captain Ed responds with some has some good advice for families who are divided over which candidates to support this election year, after reading this story in the NYT about how divisive the Dem race has become amongst liberal families.

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