Taking bets: Which candidate will His Royal Phoniness endorse?

The day after Obama’s big weekend victories in LA, WA, NE, ME and the Virgin Islands comes word (via Memeo) that both he and La Clinton are desperately seeking the endorsement of twice-failed candidate for president John Edwards:

(CNN) — CNN has learned that former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards met with Hillary Clinton Thursday in North Carolina, and is meeting with Barack Obama Monday, to discuss a possible primary endorsement.

The Thursday meeting, which took place at Edwards’ home in Chapel Hill, was followed by a Saturday night session during which the former North Carolina senator and several longtime advisers discussed many issues, including which candidate he should endorse.


The former candidate is weighing a number of considerations before making his choice – including electability, and who will best promote his ideas.

There are policy considerations at play: there is a sense within the Edwards camp that Clinton’s policies could be better for working class Americans. But Obama’s anti-lobbyist proposals are more aligned with Edwards’ politics.

LOL. They sure are :-?

TPM reports that there is a “greater than 50% chance” that Edwards will endorse one candidate or the other.

My money is on Edwards endorsing Barack Obama, primarly because both ran similar campaigns as the anti-Clinton, and on platforms of “change,” and tried to paint Clinton as part of the old way of doing things. Not only that, but Edwards skewered Hillary on the campaign trail every chance he got – including the debates. Endorsing her would make him look like a bigtime hypocrite, considering she was his #1 target throughout his campaign run.

Then again, being a hypocrite has never phased Edwards before, so who knows?

In related news, Theodore Olson – the lawyer who represented Bush during the contested 2000 elections outcome – predicts in today’s WSJ that lawsuits could be coming on the Democrat side, if the race remains close to the Democrat National Convention and, ironically, it could center – in part – around the state of Florida.

The “Potomac Primaries” – held in Maryland, Virginia, and DC, are tomorrow, and Obama is expected to win them all (Virginia is supposed to be McCain’s “rebound” state as he has a 28 point lead in the latest polls going into tomorrow’s contest). In fact, as Robert Novak notes, the next couple of weeks are likely to be rough ones for Hillary Clinton as Obama is poised to take several states. Bill Kristol, meanwhile, is fantasizing about the possible fall of the “House of Hillary.”

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