Longer, better video of person fainting at the Charlotte Obama rally

I gave it my best shot at the Obama rally Friday night, but in the end my video of the person fainting at the BO rally was very, very short.

However, I’ve found video from YouTube that someone took while at the rally which clearly shows the whole incident. In fact, whoever took the video obviously recorded the whole rally, because it’s the 4th of 6th videos they have posted about it. The person who got this all on tape was on the other side of the arena and had a much better view of the rally than I had. The fainting moment starts at about the 1:53 mark in the vid:

Very similar to the rest of the incidents, as you’ll note by reviewing some of the others here.

In related news, Don Surber writes about some recent comments Michelle Obama made to an audience in Durham, NC about how her husband was angry and frustrated about the lengthiness of the campaign and the attacks on his character, but at the same saying he wouldn’t let either get in the way of his “ultiimate goal.” To that, Surber responds:

If Obama is as his wife says he is β€” impatient and angry β€” then he is far younger than his 46 years would indicate. And that presents a problem for the nation. Youth has many things to offer. Sound judgment and patience are not among them.

Amen to that.

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