VIDEO: Bill Clinton tangles with Obama supporter at Hillary rally in WV

Red-faced Bubba strikes again:

ABC News’ Political Radar blog has the transcript.

H/T for the video: West Virginian Don Surber, who must be loving all the attention the Clintonistas are showering on his state right about now in advance of next Tuesday’s WV primary, where Hillary is supposed to win handily.

I don’t know if you see this much at Obama rallies – probably not since they are so massive, but there are Obama supporters who clearly aren’t afraid to tango directly with either Clinton when it comes to disagreeing with parts of Hillary’s platform. At the Clinton rally I went to in Gastonia last Saturday, there was a lady in the crowd who held up a sign that read “A Gas Tax Holiday is Blatant Pandering” – Hillary responded to the sign early on in her speech. If I remember correctly, she continued to hold up the sign throughout Clinton’s speech.

Meanwhile, the calls for La Hillarina to drop out continue.

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