Shook me all night long

Let’s hear it for the House GOP, who haven’t given up their fight on the offshore drilling debate, even as Congress has officially gone on summer break, and even as the WH has said “no” to convening a special session of Congress. Fausta explains why the WH rationale on this makes good political sense.

According to one House Historian, the GOP is, well, making history with this debate:

When a group of House Republicans decided to continue discussing offshore drilling on the floor of a darkened Congress after the August recess started, they said they were making history.

They’re right, according to researcher Anthony Wallis, who works in the House Historian’s office.

Wallis, who has been looking into the issue, said that he has not found any examples of members forgoing their summer break to continue debating. The closest anecdote he could find was a noisy sit-in, staged in November 1995 by Democrats who were protesting a government shut-down due to a disagreement between then Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) and former President Bill Clinton.

In that case, it worked – the two agreed on an emergency spending bill, and the government was reopened that night.

Somebody has to stand up on this issue, and I’m proud as hell it’s the GOP doing it.

And speaking of the debate on offshore drilling, Mr. O-man has revealed his general election position on the issue, which is a switcheroni from both his Senate and primary position. So I think it’s safe to say that both candidates have flip flopped for the general on this issue.

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