Is he guilty, or isn’t he?

Last month I blogged about the scandal surrounding former NC Senator, and twice failed candidate for president John Edwards and the alleged “love child” he supposedly fathered with a woman named Rielle Hunter.  At the time there was no photo evidence one way or the other.  Yesterday, the Enquirer released photos they say are of Edwards and the child.  The pix are a little grainy, but it does look like it’s Edwards. 

It’s hard to know what to make of all this, but the fact that Edwards is not answering questions two weeks before the Dem National Convention (putting his chances of speaking there in jeopardy) or making any statements about this story at this point is a strong indicator, in my view, that he’s guilty but perhaps is consulting with his handlers as to how to address this with a public who has been very sympathetic to the cancer battle his wife Elizabeth has been and is continuing to go through.

He’s a spinmaestro extraordinaire, but if this story is indeed true there will be no spinning out of the fact that it confirms what I’ve (and others have said) all along about Edwards: that he’s a big phoney creep.

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