Don’t do it, Senator McCain

A few commenters talked about this issue last night in another thread, and I’ve just gotten done reading the Politico article myself that talks about McCain’s comment that he would not rule out a pro-abortion candidate like former PA Gov. Tom Ridge (R) or Independent Democrat Senator Joe Lieberman  in selecting his VP running mate.

Three words for Senator McCain: Don’t do it.

A not so insignificant number of conservatives did not start off thrilled about your candidacy, Senator McCain, but a growing number are standing by you in the face of the relentless media swooning over Senator Obama.  Not only that, but it has become more and more obvious over the last several months that in an election that gives American voters a choice between an inexperienced 1st term Senator who believes the Iraq war – the central front in the war on terror – is one that never should have been waged and one we should withdraw from according to a rigid 16 month plan, the one who claims we need to refocus our efforts on Afghanistan in spite of the fact that he has done nothing worthwhile on the issue since he was elected as the junior Senator from Illinois back in 2004, versus a near 30 year Congressional and military veteran who has demonstrated that on key issues like Iraq, and now the conflict between Russia and Georgia, that he’s more than ready, willing, and able to stand up and face the challenges associated with being the leader of the greatest country in the world, that the choice is clear – and one of the most important we will  make in our respective lifetimes.

Don’t screw it up by picking someone who is the polar opposite of you on an issue that is core to the conservative platform.  It’s perfectly ok to pick someone who doesn’t agree with you on everything – heck, that happens all the time, but there are fundamental issues where you and your VP pick must stand shoulder to shoulder on, and this should be one of those issues.

You’ve done well in helping to bring some of those reluctant supporters back into the fold.  You will not be doing yourself any favors if you pick Tom Ridge or Joe Lieberman.   I’ve read and heard about more and more people who are saying the VP picks of both Obama and you will be the deciding factor in whether or not they will ultimately pull the lever for their respective candidates.  Don’t be foolish in turning away those voters on an issue as important as the life of the unborn. 

Both Bush and Cheney were pro-life.  Don’t think putting a pro-lifer on the ticket alongside of you is going to hurt you.  To the contrary, if you don’t, that’s when the virtual pain will be felt – at the ballot box, and it will be inflicted by those who have simply given up and chosen once and for all not to participate.    It might not be more than, say, 5 percent who decide to stay home in protest, but that number is crucial considering how tight the races are already shaping up to be in several key states.   You need someone to balance your “maverick” streak.  Another “maverick” in the party (or from another party) won’t cut it.

Don’t do it, Senator.  Please.

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