How low will Obama apologist Andrew Sullivan go? (MORE: FELLOW POW REMEMBERS MCCAIN TELLING HIM STORY IN 1971)

This low.


Dude, I know you’re upset because your candidate bombed this past weekend at the Saddleback faith forum, but to start doing stuff like accusing McCain of lying about his POW experience, well,  I thought once upon a time that sort of thing was beneath you.  I guess I was wrong.

(Via Mark Levin)

Update 1 – 4:38 PM:  NRO’s Byron York writes about a fellow POW who is campaigning for McCain, who verified with York that McCain told this story back in 1971:

“I recall John telling that story when we first got together in 1971, when were talking about every conceivable thing that had ever happened to us when we were in prison” [Orson] Swindle told me a few minutes ago.  “Most of us had been kept apart or in small groups.  Then, in 1970, they moved us into the big cell.  And when we all got to see each other and talk to each other directly, instead of tapping through walls, we had 24 hours a day, seven days a week to talk to each other, and we shared stories.  I vaguely recall that story being told, among other stories.”

“I remember it from prison,” Swindle continued.  “There were several stories similar to that in which guards — a very few, I might add — showed compassion to the prisoners.  It was rare, and I never met one, but some of the guys did.”

As for the people who are questioning McCain’s account, Swindle said, “That’s garbage.  These people are desperate.”

That good enough for you, Andrew?

Read more reax to Andrew’s attack here.

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