Tonight’s the night for Hillary Clinton

With the first day’s festivities over at the DNC and Michelle Obama’s speech made and being reviewed and dissected as I write this, the stage is set tonight for the arrival of La Clinton:

It’s Hillary Clinton’s turn on Tuesday to wow the crowd as she prepares to make the case for party unity amid lingering tensions and calls for supporters to back Barack Obama as the Democratic presidential nominee.

Clinton’s supporters and delegates are still sour over the tight and bruising Democratic primary battle. On Monday, Clinton and Obama supporters signed on the requisite 300 signatures needed to put her name into the nomination but negotiations are still under way to how the New York senator can offer a gesture while still allowing herself to cut the roll call short and call on her delegates to unanimously back Obama.

Clinton addresses the Democratic National Convention Tuesday night, along with keynote speaker, former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner.

Her primary campaign has been a constant presence so far at the convention, with several speakers praising her for her efforts.

Howard Wolfson, former Clinton communications director and now a FOX News contributor, said Clinton’s speech has been written with Obama in mind, and his staff should be pleased with it.

“We do know that a lot of her supporters are looking to her, are going to tune in tonight, do want to know what she says about Barack Obama, and she is going to give a full-throated enthusiastic endorsement, urge her delegates, her supporters, her voters, 18 million of them, to get behind him to work for him to get him elected president. She is going to say if you believe what I believe if you fought for what I fought for it is now time to back Barack Obama” Wolfson said.

With all the reports of feuding  (more here) between the Clinton and Obama camps, as well as the diehard Clinton supporter holdouts making noise in Denver, will La Socialista Clintonista be able to rally her troops around the guy she repeatedly claimed during the primaries wasn’t “ready to lead”?   Further still, what will the reaction be to Bubba’s big speech tomorrow night?   Will he get a thunderous applause from the crowd, or will they give him some respectable clapping – considering that it’s obvious how former President Bill feels about Obama?

Taking advantage of all this is, again, Senator McCain, with his latest ad invoking “unwilling star“ Hillary Clinton’s primary campaign statements about Obama’s readiness to lead versus McCain’s.  The title of the ad? 3 A.M.

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