Can you feel the excitement? Part 2

Here’s a photo of McCain-Pallin at a rally this afternoon in Blaine, Minnesota:

McCain-Palin in Minnesota
Photo courtesy: AP/Stephan Savoia

Here’s video from the rally:

More here.

According to Minnesota Public Radio, the crowd number was around 10,000.

Blaine, Minnesota resident Andy “Triple_A” Aplikowski from the Residual Forces blog has some photos posted from the event, and has more coming later so make sure to check back there later.

Update: Check out this crowd pic from yesterday’s McCain-Palin rally in Cedar Rapids, IA:

McCain-Palin in Cedar Rapids, IA
Photo courtesy: Reuters/Stephen Mally

The Catholics for McCain blog has more photos. Blogs for John McCain has several videos from that campaign stop. Recap here.


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