Reminder: PDS is alive and well

While most Americans have been absorbed by varying degrees in the mega-billion dollar bailout drama playing out in Washington, DC, the far left has not let a little thing like “the issues” stand in the way of dribbling out a little PDS in the midst of the crisis.

Item 1: Is it true that Gov. Palin’s lipliner might actually be tattooed on?

Item 2: Did you hear about the moonbat artist in Chicago who painted a naked picture of Gov. Palin using his daughter as the model, and had it hung in his wife’s north side Chicago tavern? Read more details about the “portrait” here.

Some things never change.

In saner news, Gov. Palin did an interview today on Hugh Hewitt’s show, and I understand it’s well worth the listen. Here’s the transcript. Haven’t been able to find the audio of it yet, but when I do, I’ll make sure to post it.

Update – 10:08 PM: An audio link has been added to the above-linked post from Hugh.

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