Infuriation nation

Here are some things that have infuriated the heck out of me over the last week or so, in no particular order (warning: strong language ahead):

—– Even though McCain is keeping it close in some national polls, as I noted earlier the all-important swing states are turning towards Obama, and he is leading now in FL, OH, PA, and several other battlegrounds. In response to that, I think to myself, “WTF?” Jay Nordlinger expands here on a point I’ve been hinting around about the last couple of weeks as it relates to certain segments of voters and what they know and don’t know about Barack Obama.

It really makes you wonder: If the voters now leaning towards Obama thanks to his “performance” in the Friday debate knew more about his close association with an unrepentant domestic terrorist, his 20 year relationship with a black liberation theology pastor who hates whites and America, his race-card playing, his penchant for attempting to squelch speech he doesn’t like, the fact that he and members of his own party played a significant role in enabling the current economic crisis, who is not who/what he claims he is (more on that here), etc – would they really want to elect him as president? Or … do they know this and still think he’s suitable for the presidency? I have to think that either these voters don’t know all of the above or do know some are all of it and just think it’s all overhyped. I lean towards “don’t know all of the above” because I refuse to believe that a majority of the American people would knowingly vote for someone with the character and policy deficiencies I mentioned.

—– I blame the ignorance of those particular voters, in part, on the mainstream media. Yes, the information on Obama is there for all to see if one just takes the time to look it up, but the media have a duty and obligation to give the public the full story, not just their spin on the candidates. Since that’s where a lot of average voters get their knowledge on the candidates, it would make all the difference in the world if the media would stop taking their turns at bat on behalf of The One. I’m not holding my breath, tho.

—– Jay Cost gets to what I think is the heart of the matter on why McCain is taking a hit in the polls as it relates to the economy:

I think McCain has suffered a deterioration in his poll position for a simple reason: he’s the Republican. George W. Bush is the President of the United States. He is responsible for the state of the nation. He’s not held in good esteem right now, and he’s a Republican. From a public opinion perspective, it does not matter so much that the Democrats control Congress. The buck stops with Bush; Bush is a Republican; McCain is a Republican; McCain suffers.

Sadly, he’s right on the money. Obama and the Democrats are being credited for being able to fix an economy they helped run into the skids, while McCain and other Republicans are sliding in swing state polling even though it was Republicans – including Bush himself – who took a stand on this issue before it became the “popular” thing to do. They say ignorance is “bliss,” but I think it’s dangerous – especially in this day and time.

—– Negativity schmegativity: I’m supposed to throw in the towel because Gov. Palin can’t wow Katie Couric? Here’s a memo to the nailbiters and handwringers: I like Gov. Palin specifically because she’s a plainspoken woman who is at her best when she is talking directly to the people. The fact that she’s not justified herself to a hostile mainstream press/liberal punditocracy who would still dis her as a podunk hick with an accent (ever notice how the MSM emphasizes her accent in their reporting?) even if she could rattle of the names of the leaders of Obscure Country Island makes me like her all the more. Do I wish she could handle herself a little better in front of the mediots? Yeah, I wouldn’t mind, but it’s certainly not a disqualifier that she communicates better when she’s speaking directly to average Joes.

—– As the Senate prepares to vote on the bailout bill, let me just say this: I am sick and tired of seeing Senator Dodd try to take a leadership position on this issue when he was one of the main culprits who helped us get into this mess in the first place. Furthermore, I’m even sicker and more tired of the Republicans in the Senate who are heaping praise on this windbag! People say “now is not the time to lay blame”? Like hell it’s not! Tell that to Barack Obama and his campaign, who have spent the last several weeks blaming the world’s ills – including our economy – on John McCain and the Republicans in Congress and, of course, W. I’m tired of Republicans being blamed for everything … and I’m especially tired of casual voters automatically believing it just because The Media Says So.

—– What a surprise: Gwen Ifill plays the race card in response to questions about whether or not she can be impartial at tomorrow night’s debate. Four words: Get a clue, lady.

—– Here we go again I: The far left continues its McCain Senility Watch.

—– Here we go again II: PDS gets even more disgusting.

Feel free to add to the list. I may do so later tonight.

Update – 9:15 PM: Here’s another infuriating fact: How Obama is getting away with questionable under-$200 donations. Where the flip is the mainstream media on this issue?

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