VIDEO: Gov. Palin drops the puck at tonight’s Rangers/Flyers game


The person who posted the video noted only that she got “booed” but it sounded to me like the crowd was divided. The AP described the applause as “polite applause” (snort! Do they even do polite applause in Philly?). Maybe ST reader GWR, who has said he would be attending tonight’s game, will clarify for us what happened when he gets a chance to post about it.

Here are some photos of the Governor as she walked out onto the ice.

Today must be the day for GOP ladies and sports events. Cindy McCain was the honorary grand marshal at the big NASCAR race (BOA 500) here in Charlotte, which got under way about half an hour ago.

Kewl! \:d/

Read more reax via Memeorandum.

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