The one thing the left puts above their worship of Obama

Bush hatred.

Check out the headlines at Memeorandum this morning:

The Memeorandum link itself contains links to the liberal bloggers who are having a fit about Obama’s recent detainee positions.

President Obama threw the left a few bones with his supposedly “outlawing torture,” the symbolic gesture on the term “enemy combatants,” and with the release of the so-called “torture memos” but on the release of prisoner abuse photos and terrorist detentions, he’s done a 180 – and the revenge-minded left is seething, because they wanted him to fully repudiate the “lawless” Bush years by reversing Bush’s global war on terror policies, wanted him to air the US’ “dirty laundry” via the release of information and photos that would both seriously hamper the CIA’s interrogation efforts and put our troops lives at risk even more so than they already were/are – not to mention be a major setback to the counterterrorism gains made under the Bush administration. They’ve only gotten a little slice of that so far, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to get much more. Oh, and the investigations and perp walks they want to see from Bush/Cheney/Yoo, etc? Not very likely.

So while Obama is winning praise from us warmongers on the right, he’s feeling some major heat from the anti-war Bush-hating left for essentially continuing on with Business As Usual as it relates to key foreign policy positions they wanted to see exposed and reversed – and prosecuted. Reality is slowly but surely trumping liberal idealism on the foreign policy front, and Obama is finding out this week that the Presidency can indeed be a dirty, lonely, thankless job.

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