Hyperbole personified: Andrew Sullivan fires warning shot at The Atlantic

Sheesh – talk about oversimplification and exaggeration:

Froomkin was fired for opposing torture a little too passionately; Weigel was forced out because his private emails revealed he was not acceptable to the partisan right; Frum is cut off from conservative blogads funding; Moulitsas is barred from MSNBC for criticizing Joe Scarborough; and Octavia Nasr is fired for offending the pro-Israel lobby over a tweet expressing sadness at the death of a Hezbollah leader.

Where’s the warning shot, you might ask? Here:

Notice a pattern here? We’re all on notice, I guess. I’m extremely fortunate to work at a place where open exchange of views and ideas is valued, not penalized.

Translation: “You’d better not let me go over my years-long obsession with Sarah Palin’s uterus, Atlantic, or I’ll raise holy hell about it at the next liberal leaning opinion outlet I land – regardless of how little “value” the Sarah/Bristol/Trig “discussion” has to anyone outside of, well, me.”

There. That’s better.

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