President Obama to appear on “The View”

Just what we’ve all been waiting for:

President Obama’s New York trip this week now includes a unique stop: The View.

“This marks the first time in history a sitting United States President has visited a daytime talk show,” says a press release from The View, the morning chatfest featuring Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg.

The interview will be taped Wednesday, and broadcast Thursday morning.

Obama — who also did The View during his 2008 campaign — can probably expect good treatment from left-of-center co-host Joy Behar. It will be interesting to see how conservative co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck deals with president (and vice-versa).

“Interesting”? Please. Hasselbeck is always gracious when liberals come on The View, which is most of the time.

So our celebrity President is can barely find the time for a formal news conference with the mainstream press to answer questions about the oil spill, Berwick, the nation’s jobless “recovery,” etc., but he does have time to sit down with the like-minded ladies on The View. I’m sure the WH press corps, already up in arms over President Obama’s lack of availability, are going to love this.

Oh, and it’s interesting to see that the USA Today described Behar as “left of center” – which is actually charitable, considering she’s actually a hardcore leftist. But someone better tell that to Headline News chief Ken Jautz, who believes Behar – who has a primetime show on his network – is a “non-partisan personality.” 8-|

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