Director James Cameron: Global warming skeptics are “swine”

The Aspen Times reports on some harsh words the award-winning filmmaker had to say at a recent “renewable energy summit” in Aspen (via):

ASPEN — James Cameron doesn’t mince words when talking about people who are skeptical that humans are causing global warming.

“I think they’re swine,” the renowned filmmaker told an audience member Sunday on the final day of the American Renewable Energy Day summit in Aspen.

Just before saying that, Cameron received a standing ovation for a short documentary he screened about a coalition of people he joined who are opposed to a massive hydropower project in Brazil that would displace a large tribal community there.

It was during a series of talks Sunday about the strong effect the right-wing punditry — Cameron named the regulars: Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, who are known for their sharp attacks on environmentalists — has on Americans.

“Effing demigods,” as green communications strategist Richard Greene called them.

“A lot of really good American people are being lied to,” added Peter Byck, the director of an upcoming climate change documentary called “Carbon Nation.”

Byck stressed that Americans’ hearts are in the right places, but that skeptics of climate change have such a vast infrastructure in getting what he called their false message out, many don’t know whom to believe.

Greene, Cameron and a host of other climate-change activists said there needs to be a broad educational campaign, one aimed at convincing voters and politicians that not being able to prove that fossil fuel-produced carbon is changing the temperature of Earth is not a license for inaction.

In other words, peeps, the skeptics are making progress in changing people’s minds on the issue of the threat of so-called “man-made” global warming, and these self-important twits don’t like it one little bit. Let’s also not forget that the global warming alarmist community doesn’t exactly help advance “the cause” when it is repeatedly caught massaging data to suit a particular agenda. If the science was supposedly “settled,” what would be the point in manipulating the data in the first place?

Yet it’s Glenn Beck and Rush who are the “problem”? Right.

Anyway, more from the people who want to “save the world” – in this particular case, at the expense of innocent people in Afghanistan:

Harvey Wasserman, a senior adviser to Greenpeace and author of the book “Solartopia!”, told audience members that if the government would stop its military operations in Afghanistan, it would be able to refocus those dollars on finding substantive solutions to climate change.

“We have to stop this g** damn war in Afghanistan,” Wasserman said.

Got it? We must save the people from imminent “climate change disaster” but it’s ok if we do it at the expense of innocent lives in a faraway country. What does it matter if we made a commitment to stay there 1) in order to continue to wage war against Islamofascism, and 2) until the Afghan government and people could take charge of their own destiny without outside help? Wasserman belongs in the Moonbat Hall of Shame, right along with the nitwits who advocate population control laws and forced abortions and sterilizations in the name of “preserving the environment for the trees and animals.”

Oh, and speaking of James Cameron, the issue of global warming and getting the word out about it is so important to him that he …. backed out of a scheduled debate that was supposed to take place at the renewable energy summit. Climate change skeptic Ann McElhinney wrote about that this past Sunday (hat tip: Noel Sheppard). Make sure to read McElhinney’s post in full as you’ll recognize a lot of similarities between Cameron and other noted prominent global warming alarmists who are unafraid to talk the big talk when unchallenged but are afraid to actually walk the walk when it comes to debating the science – not to mention when it comes to living the sacrificial “green” lifestyle they demand others live in the name of “saving the planet.”

It’s hard to forecast the weather out beyond a few days, but these guys are about as predictable as it gets. Don’t agree with them? Well then you’re nothing more than a treasonous “denier,” are a proponent of slavery and Nazism, have to be a flat-earther type, and deserve to be brought up on charges in “Nuremburg-style” enviro-trials.

Sheesh. And they call us intolerant and hateful?

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano has much more.


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