Figures: Rangel not likely to face ethics trial until after the election

Not surprising:

WASHINGTON — Rep. Charles Rangel isn’t likely to face an ethics trial until after Election Day.

The Harlem Democrat, who has been hit with 13 charges, could be tried by the ethics committee any time in the coming weeks — but delays make it look like he’ll get a pass until the end of the campaign season.

That’s probably a good idea, said Melanie Sloan, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

“Ethics hearings shortly before the midterm elections overly politicize the ethics process,” she told The Hill newspaper.

And waiting til after the election does not? To me, waiting til after an election makes the House “leadership” look like they’re hoping to contain the damage of what could potentially come from an ethics trial of one of the House’s top corruptocrats in an election year that doesn’t look good for Congressional Democrats. The first round of ethics charges against Rangel were reported in early March. What takes so long to schedule a trial? Maybe the ethics committee is backed up with investigating the growing number of corruptocrat CBC’rs?

Rangel faces a primary fight today against five other hopefuls for his seat, including the much-talked-about Adam Clayton Powell IV. Even though Rangel wins have pretty much been “sure things” in the past, he’s obviously feeling a little nervous as Bubba Clinton is making robocalls in his district:

On the eve of the primary, robocalls using former President Bill Clinton’s voice went out telling voters: “We need Charlie to go back to Washington, to work with President Obama to say, ‘Yes.’ “

Funny, considering it sounds like President Obama really doesn’t want to work with Charlie Rangel, if these July comments are any indication. Any New Yorkers wanna weigh in and let us know whether or not any of Rangel’s opponents have used Obama’s stinging plea for him to “end his career with dignity” against him in campaign ads/speeches, etc?

New York politics. Always somethingoin’ on

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