VIDEO: Pakistani actress rips mullah who tries to publicly shame her

This video has gone viral the last few days, so if you’ve already seen it, enjoy it all over again. For those of you, like me, who are just seeing the video today for the first time, hold on to your hats. Veena Malik, the Pakistani actress in the vid, only looks mild-mannered in the beginning. As the video goes on, you’ll see that she most definitely can handle her own against a dark ages mullah. Her “crime”? Appearing on the Indian version of “Big Brother” and not dressing and acting in away that would ‘honor Islam’. Click below to watch (via Jonah Goldberg by way of Hot Air):

Snippets from the transcript, provided by MEMRI TV:

Mufti Abdul Qavi: If she does not have pangs of conscience because of what she did, then I would tell her to awaken her conscience. No one in Pakistan can look at her pictures in the presence of their daughters. I don’t think that her son will like to look at his mother’s picture in the future, in her presence or in the presence of his father or brother.

Interviewer: Go ahead.

Veena Malik: Mufti Sahab, first, I would like to respond to all your questions. As far as Islamic religion is concerned – Islam is a vast religion. Islam also means that I am the sole provider for my five sisters and my brother, and I have paid for their education.

Also, as long as you are talking about Islam, let met tell you that you are not allowed to set eyes on me in my present condition. You should be punished in public, because charity begins at home. Clerics may look at a woman once, but if they look at her a second time, they must be punished. You deserve to be punished, because you are not allowed to look at me in this condition.

Secondly, if you want to do something for the glory of Islam, you have plenty of opportunities. What are the politicians doing? Bribery, robbery, theft, and killing in the name of Islam. There are many things to talk about. Why Veena Malik? Because Veena Malik is a woman? Because Veena Malik is a soft target for you? What has Veena Malik done? Did Veena Malki lip-lock? Did Veena Malik wear shorter clothes than what Pakistani actresses wore in India in the past? Why Veena Malik, Mufti Sahab?

There are many other things for you to deal with. There are Islamic clerics who rape the children they teach in their mosques, and so much more.

Pakistan is infamous for many reasons other than Veena Malik. Veena Malik is entertainment, and believe me, I have done 10,000 good deeds, and my people have not supported me in this. Since you have set up a court here, I demand that the court dispense justice. I am more angry with you people than you are with me. If I am held accountable by you, then you too must answer my questions.

Mufti Sahab, there are many things in your community that need to be rectified, so please correct them. Veena Malik and the entertainment industry are much further down on the list.

Make sure to read/watch the whole thing.

As I’ve written before, Islam’s women may very well be the ones who ultimately bring about the cultural change needed in Islamic countries that would prevent the attempts at public shamings and their barbaric treatment, but in order to do so, they would, in effect, have to turn millions against the radical “religion” of Islam itself – a tall order:

We can fight in the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan until the end of time, killing and capturing the bad guys day and night. But until there is a cultural change in Islamofascistic countries like Yemen and, ultimately, a rejection of Islam altogether, the brutality against and subjugation of Muslim women will continue. I’ve noted before that it may very well be Muslim women who are the key to this cultural shift as they are the ones who suffer the most from laws based on the Koran and, along with their children, stand to gain the most from reversing the centuries old cycle of “tolerated abuse” courtesy of Islamic law.

My personal belief is that Muslim women who are also Islamic have the most to gain by abandoning Islam altogether (as Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Dr. Wafa Sultan have done) rather than trying to simply “reform” it – because you can’t reform a religion whose “holy book” enshrines the enslavement of women and teaches believers to use whatever means necessary to make “infidels” submit – and if they don’t submit to Islam, the Koran advocates their murder.

And speaking of, guess what? Veena Malik has reportedly received death threats from, among others, members of the Taliban, for appearing on “Bigg Boss.”

Surprise, surprise. Not.

Please keep this woman in your thoughts and prayers.

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