Occupy CLT: Spokesman worried MSM won’t catch occupiers for comment “fully awake”

This quote was too good to resist:

[Monday] morning, according to the occupiers, a radio crew woke sleeping campers at 4 a.m.

“They won’t even let them sleep,” said [spokesman Tom] Shope, who acknowledged that the campers are getting frustrated by being woken, though he understands that the media has every right to be in the same public space the group is occupying. Shope is concerned that the occupiers are being pushed for comments when they are not “fully awake.”

Oh please. From experience, I can testify to the fact that, philosophically speaking, you are never really “fully awake” (nor truly free) until you realize that you are better off when it’s your hands on the wheel controlling your destiny, not the government’s. Until you understand that America is the land of vast opportunity, and should never become the land of the vast government handouts and hand holding (although we’re headed there). That’s coming from a former diehard liberal – me.

Local news station WBTV is reporting that the Occupy Charlotte movement, which is refusing to speak with local media outside of “alternative” meedia outlets, is “losing steam” – although I’m sure the protesters and “occupiers’ would disagree with that. There were between 300-500 at Saturday’s march, but the numbers have dwindled down to less than 100, presumably due to work obligations (to “The MAN!”) and perhaps the loss of interest to some as well as the icky weather we’ve had here today.

Another march is planned for this Saturday. Fortunately, the Charlotte group has not been like the anarchists with the Occupy DC movement, nor have their been any calls to violence, unlike with the Occupy Los Angeles crowd.

As they say, developing …

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