#BankTransferDay: Free market principles at work ;-) #OWS #OccupyCLT

From @defensegirl35, echoing a point that many of us evil, greedy, free market, capitalism-loving folks have made time and time again to “Occupiers”:

Dear #occupiers, dumping a bank bc it institutes new charges for it’s service is a free market principle, thanks for making our case.

Unfortunately, this is about the only free market principle Occupy Wall Street Types embrace – and if they actually understood that’s what it was they probably wouldn’t endorse it.

You really can’t make this up.

In other “Occupy” news, today’s a big day for OWS: OWS-affiliated Anons are promising to bring down both Facebook and Fox News. Also, it’s “Guy Fawkes Day” in the UK, and here now, too – Fawkes, a failed terrorist, has become the icon of of the so-called “peaceful, non-violent” OWS movement.

So, attempting to take down Fox and Facebook … on Fawkes day. A lot of F’s there. Here’s another one that can be attributed to OWS without question: FAIL.

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