Prepare for attempts at nationwide chaos tomorrow – courtesy of #OWS, #N17

Watch for possible disruptions at major bridges, tunnels, subways, commons areas, etc, tomorrow as various Occupy movements are planning a “day of rage” of sorts tomorrow. Their “plan” is to disrupt the daily lives of the American workforce to show them and “The Powers That Be” that “they mean business.”

Or whatever.

It all started when the pre-evicted Occupy Wall Street announced their plan to literally “Occupy Wall Street” on the 17th in a ‘show of force’ and as a celebration of the two month anniversary of Occupy.  Other Occupy communes dutifully followed suit with plans of their own.  Just as an example, here’s a rough outline of the game plan for NYC tomorrow:

Occupy Wall Street protesters are planning a major day of action on Thursday to mark the two-month anniversary of the movement that began Sept. 17.

Here is the schedule as posted by the protesters:

7 a.m.: Gather in Liberty Square in front of the New York Stock Exchange to “confront Wall street with the stories of people on the frontlines of economic justice.”

3 p.m.: Gather at 16 subway hubs to “take our stories to the trains.”


– Fordham Road on the 4 line – 3rd Ave 138th Street on the 6 line – 161st and River on the B, D and 4 lines


– Broadway Junction on the A, C and L lines – Borough Hall on the M, R, 2, 3, 4, and 5 lines


– 125th Street on the A, B, C and D lines – Union Square – 23rd Street and 8th Ave on the C and E lines


– Jackson Heights-Roosevelt on the E, F, M, R and 7 lines – Jamaica Center/Parsons/Archer on the E, J and Z lines

Staten Island

– Staten Island Ferry Terminal

At 5 p.m., protesters plan to gather at Foley Square, along with a gospel choir and marching band.

After that rally, they plan to march “to our bridges” but did not specify which ones.

I suspect the “Occupy” day of rage will most likely impact NYC more so than any other city with Occupy camps, considering how ticked off the mother ship is that it no longer has a permanent place to squat at Zuccotti park.

Apparently the idea is to pi** off as many people as possible in order to “win” them over to the side of the Occupiers.  Keep it up, dunces.

Should you encounter Occupiers disrupting the normal flow of business in your city, make sure to post about it in the comments, or Tweet it to me.  If you’re on Twitter and want to know what, if anything, is going on in your area, just type in “#YourCityName” without the quote marks, or #N17 (which stands for November 17).  On Facebook, in the search field type in “Occupy” and your city’s name.

Or simply go here.

Occupy Charlotte hasn’t made any official announcements as to what their strategy is for tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure this little adventure to BOA HQ at 5pm will be led by them.

I won’t be around to Tweet extensively about events til late in the afternoon, but I will try and check when I can.

Stay safe tomorrow.

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