Quote of the Day – David Brooks on Obama’s liberalism

Via the Politico 44 Blog:

Center-right New York Times columnist David Brooks opined a few months ago that President Obama, whom he once supported, was governing like a liberal.

Today, Brooks doubled down, telling Laura Ingraham this morning that Obama is not only governing that way, he is that way — or at least more that way than Brooks once thought.

“I still like him and admire him personally, but he’s certainly more liberal than I thought he was,” Brooks said.

“He’s more liberal than he thinks he is. He thinks he’s just slightly center-left, but when you get down to his instincts, they’re pretty left. And his problem is that he can’t really act on them, because it would be political disaster. And so that means, I think right now he’s doing very little, proposing very little.”

“More liberal than I thought he was”? Seriously? Good grief. What a dope. I guess this is what happens when you allow a man’s “pant leg and his perfectly creased pant” and the powerful lure of the Beltway cocktail circuit to cloud your opinion. 8-|

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