King @MikeBloomberg: Green lifestyle for thee, but not for me!

Haha. Another one from the Dept. of You Can’t Make This Up – via the NY Post:

Who’s full of hot air?

Mayor Bloomberg wants to maintain his politically correct credentials on global warming — but hates to get into a hot car when he leaves an air conditioned building.

The solution his aides came up with could easily have doubled as a stunt on David Letterman’s show.

In full view of bemused tourists and other passers-by, workers yesterday performed what looked like a comedy routine: They hoisted a standard room air conditioner to a side window of one of the mayor’s SUVs parked in the City Hall lot to see if it would fit.

If the strange plan gets a green light, the units would be plugged into electrical outlets and cause less pollution than running the vehicles’ own A/Cs on an idling engine.

“This is an experiment to be used on extremely hot days like the types we saw last week,” said mayoral spokesman Stu Loeser.

“Even with the vehicles parked in the shade, the temperatures inside can quickly rise to more than 100 degrees.”


But, officials said, they still wanted to chill out the vehicles for the mayor, the cops who protect him, and the heavy load of communications equipment they say might otherwise overheat.

“There is far less emissions corresponding to the power of a single air conditioner on the grid than idling a V-8 engine,” Loeser said.

The Post’s photo (video at the link) says it all:

Bloomberg's SUV AC unit
Chillin’. Photo courtesy of NY Post: Chad Rachman.


Jammie Wearing Fool is rightly fired up over the Mayor’s heatwave hypocrisy:

Well, welcome to the real world. Do what the rest of us do: Roll down the windows for a couple of minutes, get the air going and then roll them up. I mean, really, can this clown be any more pampered? I’d probably just point and laugh at this idiot, but his constant nagging and finger-wagging has earned him the derision. Nobody would care if he didn’t spend so much of his time lecturing everyone else on how to live.

When temperatures hit the high 90s a week ago, Bloomberg visited the Bronx Works senior center and called on New Yorkers to turn off “all non-essential appliances.”

So the rest of the schlubs should sweat their asses off, but we just cannot have Emperor Bloomberg sit in a warm truck for even a minute.

This is, of course, a pattern with Democrats – whose double standards are never more obvious than when it comes to “green living.” See Al Gore, John Edwards, the late Senator Ted Kennedy and many others for more …

Can’t wait for the next hypocritical photo moment from Bloomberg. I predict he’ll get caught in the act with a Big Gulp while running to get into his “cooled down” gas guzzling SUV, where a salty, trans-fat meal awaits  …

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