Matthews, Clyburn: Susan Rice is black, a lightweight who should be left alone

When last we left you on this issue President Obama, in a feeble attempt to come off as a heroic Alpha Male, went to the mat for Ambassador Susan Rice by essentially telling her critics (who he insinuated were all misogynistic males) to stop viewing her as an “easy target” and to come after him if they had issues with her Benghazi statements. It was a symbolic setback for real women’s rights, as the President in his insultingly paternalistic way more or less was saying, “Susan Rice is timid, sheltered woman and you need to leave her alone.” Yes, that’s exactly how he came across when talking about a key figure in his administration who many are suggesting may be nominated for the very important position of Secretary of State – a position that demands a strong backbone.

Not to be outdone, MSDNC’s Chris Matthews – fresh off of suggesting that the word “urban” equates to the GOP engaging in raaacism – spoke with Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) on a multitude of issues, including Rice, and needless to say, Clyburn trotted out the race card, and Matthews didn’t question him on it. What WAS interesting about the way Chris Matthews talked about her was that he strongly implied that Rice – again, who may be nominated to replace Hillary Clinton at State, was a lightweight:

REP. JAMES CLYBURN (D), SOUTH CAROLINA: […] But let me say,  Chris — thank you so much for having me. And may I say something about Susan Rice?


CLYBURN: I have a real, real problem with my senior senator trying to make her a scapegoat in this. Susan Rice`s roots are in Florence, South Carolina, that I got the opportunity to serve for almost 20 years in the Congress. Her father, who — Emmett (ph), who was born there in Florence, didn`t leave there until he was 16 years old — I have been a close friend
of his over the years. I`m a close friend with Susan Rice.

I think it`s absolutely a shame for this young lady, whose roots are deep in South Carolina soil, to get sullied like this by my senior senator, who I consider to be a good friend. Susan…

MATTHEWS: Well, let`s talk about motive here because, you know, it does seem when a person makes — even if you think a person made a mistake, they were given the wrong brief and they offered up the brief — they don`t think she — they haven`t said she made it up.

I mean, why is there this hostility to this young public servant, who isn`t really much of a — isn`t a politician even? She serves in the foreign affairs capacity. She`s not in the arena with you guys. Why are they treating her like she`s somebody to punch?

CLYBURN: That`s exactly right. This is a young African-American woman, I`m going to say.


CLYBURN: And this is the kind of stuff that happened to Colin Powell. Colin Powell was given information. He went to the United Nations with information that we found out later was flawed. It was not his fault then…

Honestly, the way Obama, Clyburn, Matthews and others have almost literally freaked out over the so-called “hostile treatment” of US AMBASSADOR TO THE UN Susan Rice by the political opposition, you’d think she was a shrinking violet who can barely stand on her own two feet!  This is supposed to be the “Forward” the Team Obama campaigned on?  It’s insulting to both black people and women EVERYWHERE that Clyburn, Matthews, Obama and others have reduced this woman  – who is the face of the  United States at the United Nations, who is more than just a “figurehead” in this administration –  to little more than a sweet little Southern flower who should be sitting on her front porch sipping lemonade and enjoying cool breezes rather than take questions from McCain, Graham, Ayotte and others on the serious issue of the DEADLY Benghazi terror attack which saw four American citizens – including a US Ambasssador and two Navy SEALs – brutally murdered in what was clearly a premeditated strike on the anniversary of 9-11.

This line of “defense” by the left serves NO purpose other than to stonewall and attempt to push the issue to the side when in reality the American people deserve answers on who knew what and when, and what exactly happened.  And the way liberals are going about this, as if someone who is black and/or a woman shouldn’t be subjected to tough criticism and questions  … no matter her high rank within the admin … does NOTHING to advance women and black people in America.  Women, black or not, who are in positions of influence and power, should be held to the SAME accountability standards men, black or not, should be. THAT is REAL “equality”, Mr. President, Rep. Clyburn, Chris Matthews.  You’d understand that if you weren’t so busy routinely playing the race and sexism cards in cheap attempts at having people on your side avoid responsibility for their words and/or actions.

Furthermore, Republicans haven’t just lowered the boom on “a black woman” (Rice) regarding Benghazi, but they’ve also been hammering Holder, Hillary Clinton, Obama, the FBI, Jay Carney, and many others. Because they want the truth and they know d*mn well this administration will do everything they can in their power to keep  it from getting out.

By any means necessary, and all that.  Even if it includes treating women as meek subjects in need of a male to speak on their behalf, and even if it includes baselessly insinuating that the attack is based on race rather than substance .


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