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Red States Rising

The news has been full of talk about the smashing Republican victories at the federal level Tuesday, taking control of the House with the largest gain since 1948 and capturing at least six Senate seats. But I think one of the great under-reported stories of the election is the absolutely massive gains made by Republicans in both state legislatures and governorships. Just look at this map:.....   [Read More]

Hey, MSM: Did ya notice Tim Scott and Allen West won in MAJORITY-WHITE districts?

Ya know, you’d think with the last two years of banging the “Tea Partiers are raaaacists” drum that the MSM would be so embarassed they’d be issuing mea culpas of some sort in light of Tuesday night’s wave of “minority” wins in the GOP from coast to coast. Of course, I’m being a bit rhetorical and sarcastic here because the MSM – like Democrats -rarely admit they’ve gotten something wrong, but still it’s worth pointing out. And we need to do so again and again to make up for the fact that the left will try to bury this significant news by way of ignoring it or downplaying it......   [Read More]

Laughing out loud: Day 2 of liberal duhnial well underway

The pundits on the left and right are lined up to give their official assessments as to What Happened in the last 2 years to turn the American people so far away from President Obama’s socialist agenda. Democrats are busy pointing fingers at the WH for the fall of the party. Familiar GOP faces in the US House are jockeying for leadership positions in light of the MOAB dropped on the Democrat party Tuesday. Some Tea Party-backed candidates like Senator-Elect Rand Paul (R-KY) are already talking about how they’ll shake up the ‘establishment’ GOP in the Senate via a so-called “Tea Party caucus.” Along those same lines, GOP Senators and “movement conservatives” are playing the blame-game on why the party didn’t win back the US Senate......   [Read More]