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#LynnDebate: The major Obama foreign policy flub the MSM will not call him out on

First, let me say what I suspect many of you are feeling this morning: THANK GOD THE DEBATES ARE OVER. They are behind us, out of the way, and now we can focus on the critical two weeks before voters go to the polls and cast their ballots in the Presidential election. While I’m happy Mitt Romney decisively won the first one, and won on the key points that mattered in the second (the economy and the deficit), and Paul Ryan held his own against a rude and disrespectful VP, as I have said before I am generally not a fan of debates as they become all about one liners, zingers, and flubs for people who do not (but should) judge a candidate based on their life’s work rather than just what they say in 60 second bits during a debate......   [Read More]

Debate Round 3: Romney and Obama set to face off in Boca Raton

Dunno about y’all, but I’m more than glad that tonight is the final Presidential debate of this campaign season. I stopped watching Obama speeches and pressers in their entirety long ago because I just couldn’t stand to sit through hearing and watching his unchallenged lies in real time (let alone as they are reported the next day), and sitting through the debates watching him be so effortlessly dishonest not just about his own record but Romney’s as well has been almost too much to take.  Fortunately, Romney hasn’t allowed him to get away with the “untruths” most of the time (at least outside of the times where the moderator has blatantly become a participant – and played favorites).  But still, hearing Obama’s voice alone is like nails on a chalkboard to me.  Low tolerance for it and all that......   [Read More]