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Far left icon Keith Olbermann hams it up with hate-filled gay columnist on Miss California

Watch the below video of Keith Olbermman and Michael Musto, a gay columnist I’ve never heard, of engaging in trash/gutter talk about how Miss California is “stupid” and supposedly a “hypocrite” because she opposes gay marriage but supports marriage between a man, and a woman who is “partially made out of plastic” (via Instapundit):.....   [Read More]

MSDNC’s Olby outdoes himself with “Stockholm Syndrome” sludgefest

Just when you think the nutcases in MSDNC’s primetime line-up can’t possibly outdo themselves on how low they will stoop to trash conservatives, one of them does. Check out this hate-filled rant (on video) that happened last night between Olby and Hollywood fruitcake Janeane Garofalo (who is, sadly, as we all know, a part of the 24 cast) regarding women and black folks who have, to paraphrase, ‘betrayed their own kind’ by believing in conservative ideals......   [Read More]

Howard Dean/Keith Olbermann hypocrisy watch

johnny dollar has yet another sterling example of Keith Olbermann engaging in rank hypocrisy on another issue, this time on the issue of calling a sitting POTUS names like “fascist.” Last night, KeithO was interviewing the Dr. of Disology himself, former DNC Chair Howard Dean, on this issue. Dean and Olby were acting as paragons of civility in what could only be described – by those of us who know how both Dean and Keith O. really operate – as being filmed in some warped alternate reality......   [Read More]