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Media love affair with Bill Clinton continues

If you’re a Republican, from time to time you’ll hear or read a Democrat say – in response to you’re bringing up a Clinton misdeed – something like this: “Why are you so obsessed with Clinton? He’s not President anymore!” While it’s understandable that Democrats who chastize you for bringing up the name of he-who-walks-on-water would be so defensive on the topic of our former liar-in-chief, Republicans shrug it off and respond back correctly by essentially saying that what Clinton did while he was in office is fair game because a lot of the problems we see today are as a result of his unwillingness or incompentence at handling those problems in a way that wouldn’t have left them open for another administration to have to deal with them. In addition to not understanding and/or not wanting to acknowledge that, the Democrats in denial of that also fail to see where our media – just as they did while he was President – have an obsession with all things Clinton … sometimes over issues related to Hillary, but mostly it’s Bill......   [Read More]