The President’s immigration speech tonight

Michelle Malkin writes about what the President will likely be discussing tonight in his speech on immigration and describes it as “too little, too late.”

ST reader CavalierX says this is Bush’s “make-or-break border speech.”

The big news of the day on Bush and immigration is his apparent plan to send the National Guard to beef up security around our border.

My thought is: why haven’t we beefed up our security around the borders before now, not with National Guard troops, but with more Border Security patrolmen? I think putting National Guard troops on the border is like placing a band-aid on a broken leg. It won’t work and it won’t stay on long. As Malkin notes in her post, this is a temporary solution – not long term.

Sidenote: I wonder if this speech will be worth tuning out tonight’s episode of 24 (assuming Fox network is not going to pre-empt it with the President’s speech) for? Probably not :(

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