Media love affair with Bill Clinton continues

Photo courtesy: APIf you’re a Republican, from time to time you’ll hear or read a Democrat say – in response to you’re bringing up a Clinton misdeed – something like this: “Why are you so obsessed with Clinton? He’s not President anymore!” While it’s understandable that Democrats who chastize you for bringing up the name of he-who-walks-on-water would be so defensive on the topic of our former liar-in-chief, Republicans shrug it off and respond back correctly by essentially saying that what Clinton did while he was in office is fair game because a lot of the problems we see today are as a result of his unwillingness or incompentence at handling those problems in a way that wouldn’t have left them open for another administration to have to deal with them. In addition to not understanding and/or not wanting to acknowledge that, the Democrats in denial of that also fail to see where our media – just as they did while he was President – have an obsession with all things Clinton … sometimes over issues related to Hillary, but mostly it’s Bill.

Case in point, a new poll today released from Opinion Research Corp., done on behalf of CNN, which shows that the American people polled in a comparison of Bush and Clinton think Clinton outperformed Bush on every issue – in margins sometimes greater than 2 to 1:

(CNN) — In a new poll comparing President Bush’s job performance with that of his predecessor, a strong majority of respondents said President Clinton outperformed Bush on a host of issues.

The poll of 1,021 adult Americans was conducted May 5-7 by Opinion Research Corp. for CNN. It had a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Respondents favored Clinton by greater than 2-to-1 margins when asked who did a better job at handling the economy (63 percent Clinton, 26 percent Bush) and solving the problems of ordinary Americans (62 percent Clinton, 25 percent Bush). (Watch whether Americans are getting nostalgic for the Clinton era — 1:57) [Translation: See how much Americans agree with us on how much we, the media, wish Clinton was still president — ST]

On foreign affairs, the margin was 56 percent to 32 percent in Clinton’s favor; on taxes, it was 51 percent to 35 percent for Clinton; and on handling natural disasters, it was 51 percent to 30 percent, also favoring Clinton.

Moreover, 59 percent said Bush has done more to divide the country, while only 27 percent said Clinton had.

When asked which man was more honest as president, poll respondents were more evenly divided, with the numbers — 46 percent Clinton to 41 percent Bush — falling within the poll’s margin of error. The same was true for a question on handling national security: 46 percent said Clinton performed better; 42 percent picked Bush.

As an example of our nostalgic-for-Clinton liberal media at work, the network (known to conservatives as Clinton News Network), this poll was taken at a time when President Bush’s ratings have fallen to an all-time-low-for-him of 29%. The numbers for Clinton are obviously going to be higher at this point in his admin, because Bush isn’t polling well in any category. I would have liked to have seen this poll at a time when Bush’s ratings for in the 50s or higher. But do you think CNN would have considered doing that? If you answered yes, then you haven’t been paying very close attention to how our media works.

So to those of you on the left who continue to get uptight when conservatives dare to bring up he-who-shan’t-be-mentioned-unless-it’s-in-glowing-terms, I advise you to look to not only Clinton himself who routinely inserts himself into current affairs (and not of the variety he had while in office) but to the media itself, who, with polls like these, continue to prove they are pining away for more of the Clinton years. Perhaps we wouldn’t bring him up so much if Clinton himself and his adoring fans in the media didn’t wax nostalgic about his administration and how they wish he was still in office today.

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