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First “Draft Barack Obama for President” ads to start running next week in New Hampshire

There’s a lot of “I believe” Obama quotes in this video (which I think is from Obama’s speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention), but what you don’t hear, and won’t, is Barack Obama saying “I believe that liberalism is the way to go in America, because I – ladies and gentleman – am a liberal, more liberal than Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy.”.....   [Read More]

Getting to know LIBERAL Illinois Senator Barack Obama

Don’t believe the media hype about how this possible 2008 presidential contender is supposedly a ‘mainstream’ (read: middle of the road) candidate. He’s not. Ian Bishop at the NY Post has the details not only on a “questionable” 2005 land deal involving the Senator and a shady political fund-raiser, but on his very liberal voting record as well:.....   [Read More]


Both the MSM and blogosphere are buzzing this morning about the rising star of Illinois Senator Barack Obama. Sarah Liebowitz from the Concord (NH) Monitor has a particularly glowing piece about a recent Obama event in NH where he rec’d, according to the article, a “rapturous reception” that “[drew] the kinds of crowds and news media attention usually reserved for a sitting president or a presidential nominee.”.....   [Read More]