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Democrat Racial Hypocrisy, Page 16

It’s ok to be a racist in the South – as long as you’re a black Democrat

Living in the South, white people – in particular white Republicans – are very sensitive about the issue of race relations. We routinely get slammed by white and black Democrats alike routinely on the grounds that they seem to believe there’s some growing underground movement here to bring back slavery, a ‘movement’ they think we’re all secretly a part of. I’ve documented numerous racist remarks made by black Democrats, remarks that the racists who say them are almost never held accountable for – not by their contituencies, nor the ‘unbiased’ MSM. Before I get started on the article that inspired me to write this post, for the record I’d like to document a couple of instances of past racial demagoguery as practiced by white Democrats as well:.....   [Read More]

Challenging liberal myths that are commonly assumed to be fact

Australia’s Neil Brown, described in the following opinion piece as a ‘Melbourne QC and former federal minister and deputy leader of the Liberal Party’ in the land down under, takes a look at two recent studies that, among other things, examined the racial attitudes of the participants. The results, as Brown correctly asserts, shatter the liberal myth about conservatives and race, as well as (finally) turn the microscope on liberals and their attitudes on racial issues:.....   [Read More]