Alito confirmation hearing promises to be a slugfest

Drudge has the details of how the Dems plan to hammer Alito during the confirmation hearings:

Senate Democrats have put into place a plan that includes one last push to take down the nomination of Judge Samuel A. Alito as he heads into his confirmation hearing next week, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

Senate Democrats intend to zero in on Alito’s alleged enthusiastic membership to an organization, they will charge, that was sexist and racist!


Democrats hope to tie Alito to Concerned Alumni of Princeton (CAP).

Alito will testify that he joined CAP as a protest over Princeton policy that would not allow the ROTC on campus.

THE DRUDGE REPORT has obtained a Summer 1982 article from CAP’s PROSPECT magazine titled “Smearing The Class Of 1957” that key Senate Democrats believe could thwart his nomination!

In the article written by then PROSPECT editor Frederick Foote, Foote writes: “The facts show that, for whatever reasons, whites today are more intelligent than blacks.”

Senate Democrats expect excerpts like this written by other Princeton graduates will be enough to torpedo the Alito nomination.

One Democrat Hill staffer involved in their strategy declared, “Put a fork in Scalito. It doesn’t matter that Alito didn’t write it, it doesn’t matter that Alito wasn’t that active in the group, Foote wrote it in CAP’s magazine and we are going to make Alito own it.”

However, a Republican insider contacted about the situation said, “It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. The reason CAP was formed was to protest against people like Drujack who think killing chickens is similar to what happened at Auschwitz. I don’t understand how what a guy named Foote wrote in some magazine has anything to do with Alito.”

There’s more at that link … make sure to check it out.

Looks like it’s going to get nasty, with the Dems showing their true colors. I don’t think this will go as smoothly as the Roberts confirmation did.

Sunday AM Update: CAP critic dropped from Alito witness list:

An alumnus tapped by Democrats to testify in next week’s Senate hearings on Samuel Alito ’72 will no longer appear, removing the only witness slated to speak specifically about a controversial conservative alumni group of which Alito was a member.

Stephen Dujack ’76, an environmental writer, had been outspoken in his condemnation of the group, Concerned Alumni of Princeton, which during the 1970s criticized the University’s move to coeducation and adoption of affirmative action. Opponents of Alito’s nomination to the Supreme Court had seized on his membership in the group to show that he is out-of-step with mainstream America on core issues.

Though it wasn’t immediately clear why Dujack was removed from the Democrats’ witness list, some observers believe he was vulnerable to attacks over an April 2003 Los Angeles Times column he wrote that compared animals killed in slaughterhouses with victims of the Holocaust.

On Friday, the office of Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.), a strong Alito backer, circulated copies of the column. By that evening, Dujack’s name had been removed from a full list of witnesses released by the judiciary committee.

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