A ‘civilian casualty’ in Lebanon you won’t hear much about in the MSM

Vital Perspective has video of a Hezbollah terrorist dragging a rocket into a house and firing it. An Israeli airstrike later fired on the house, and presumably killed the Hezbollah terrorist who fired the rocket.

Hat tip: John at Powerline, who writes:

Undoubtedly the dead terrorist was counted as a “civilian casualty,” and who knows how many actual civilians he endangered by launching rockets from inside a house?

To the MSM, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that an Israeli airstrike may have hurt or killed civilians, and the circumstances behind the airstrikes (or ground offensives) are secondary to pushing their idea that the Israelis are indiscriminate killers.

Read the latest developments on the conflict in the Middle East here.

Update: Tom Gross in Canada’s National Post writes about how the media are in Hezbollah’s corner:

LONDON – Large sections of the international media are not only misreporting the current conflict in Lebanon. They are actively fanning the flames.

The BBC world service has a strong claim to be the number-one villain. It has come to sound like a virtual propaganda tool for Hezbollah. As it attempts to prove that Israel is guilty of committing “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity,” it has introduced a new charge — one which I have heard several times on-air in recent days.

The newscaster reads out carefully selected “audience comments.” Among these are invariably contained some version of the claim that “Israel’s attack on Lebanon” will serve as a “recruitment” drive for al-Qaeda.

But if anything is going to win new recruits for Osama bin Laden and his like, it will not be Israel’s defensive actions, which are far less damaging than Western TV stations would have us believe, but the inflammatory and one-sided way in which they are being reported by those very same news organizations.

Read the whole thing.


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